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I love dogs, baking, and listening to people tell stories. I grew up in Northern Nevada where the air is dry and the weather does not care what time of year it is anywhere else--that is part of the reason I moved to Southern California. The other reason I moved was to attend a lucrative fashion design college, which I ended up leaving halfway through when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. ​

My dad was an avid storyteller and used to tell me all the time that our little family had more stories to share than most. He had hopes that one day I would be able to collect everything into a book for the world to read, because he felt that they deserved to know all that we had overcome. 

I haven't quite gotten to any book writing yet, but my love for stories has never wavered, which is why I am so pleased to be building this community now. I am a firm believer that sharing our own human experience is the purest form of information exchange, and it is in this way that we gain the most learning. I am so thankful for each and every one of you to join me each week as we sip tea, enjoy some sweet treats, and listen to each other's stories. 

I can't wait to sip with you all,

xx Christy

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